Would You Rather..? #54

Published 2023-03-25
Hello, and here's where to would you rather in 2022

This video includes facts about living in the desert or Antarctica, changing hair color, being in a library and more.

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All Comments (21)
  • This channel making me strong for the day when aliens come and give me a choice
  • @picklephobia6810
    Isn't this the man who picked having frostbite over heartburn💀
  • @N1R0X172
    Antarcatica because they have water there and u can fish there for food
  • @oicmapper
    antarctica has very low ammount of people unlike sahara desert where there are 2 mil people
  • @annikaolazo7294
    me when i choose to forget names rn: ok your name is max right??
    my friend: uh no it's maximus
  • @TheJanart2023
    I already live in a desert (Saudi Arabia)😂😂😂
  • @Hi-rw8vr
    Cafes at theme parks left the chat
  • @jacebirdtyme9467
    Bro I already can’t remember faces or names so it wouldn’t change anything 💀
  • @johndiaz5599
    Love your channel keep doing what your doing❤️
  • @erynvinson7921
    you can change your eye color temporarily by using contact lenses. there are ones that change the color
  • Antarctica or sahara, depends on condition first.
    If i has home and foods then Antarctica.
    otherwise sahara.
    This man teaches us more than our whole education
  • @yourdailymc
    You could just say "hey bro" or "hey girl"
    So much easier than on your hand
  • @CrazyAndLonely
    "changing eye colour is dangerous and you can't change it-"
    contacts. Contacts exist. Also I don't care I love multicoloured eyes!
    Also I recognise by hair style/accessories so don't recognise faces, I can also remember daily outfits that they use,like when I go home I know that the people I walk with will always wear the same thing everyday.