Lovecraft's Cosmic Horror - The Story of Call of Cthulhu

Published 2024-06-07
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DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational purposes. The events described and shown are historically/artistically significant and the content should be treated as a comprehensive recollection/analysis of events. The actions mentioned are in no way condoned or acceptable to myself or those who featured in the creation of this video. Any events or images depicted are artificial and in no way condone behavior of similar category. Please view responsibly, viewer discretion is advised.

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  • @Wendigoon
    Click my link to get a 1-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D3K2 & 5 travel packs FREE with your first purchase if you order this month!
  • @CZsWorld
    RIP to the classic Wendigoon whiteboard
  • @omegadud
    there aren't a ton of channels where a 55 min video is "kind of a shorter video", but Wendigoon sure is one of them
  • @ChaseFausett
    Somewhere in South Carolina a man is boiling with rage that you made another successful video
  • @unai6822
    Never ask a woman her age Never ask a man his salary Never ask lovercraft the name of his cat
  • @nickn271
    The best description of cosmic horror is the idea of an ant seeing a circuit board not knowing the complexity of the thing it is observing.
  • I think a point to address with Lovecraft's racism isn't just that he was a wannabe-Anglo dude from the 1930s, but he was also extremely mentally ill, seemingly scared of anything that didn't fit into his status of normalcy. I won't say this makes it okay, but it does make it a bit less worse. Viewing him as merely a product of his time is reductive, as he was truly a product of an awful life, giving him issues we perhaps can't fully understand having.
  • @aguspuig6615
    That boat was charged with all of the indomitable human spirit
  • @Ganymedia9
    In defense of Cthulhu and the boat, wouldn't you be off your game if you were asleep for a thousand years, woke up, and then got smacked in the face?
  • @htdoc
    The whole "holding a mic in front of a green screen" thing is done by so many other youtubers it has become a really boring cliche. I really liked the previous setup. All the personality of what you keep in your room and have in view of the camera is infinitely more interesting than whatever is on the green screen.
  • i prefer podcast wendigoon, having you chill in a room is a lot more fun and disarming. it lets me relax to the story
  • @McStruggles
    I have a hard time sitting down to read a full story because of my ADHD. And I'll often wind up reading the same sentence over and over in an attempt fully understand or absorb what's being said. Especially if it's an older book with words I've never heard. So I haven't completely finished a novel since I was maybe 18. I'm 24 now. This sort of format is a dream come true for me. You read and fully explain what's being said. And I've always wanted to get more into Lovecraft stuff so this was a perfect video. Thank you. Please please please do more. TLDR: my brain don't like books or big words. Video is good and make brain happy. Do more like this.
  • @goleogthais
    Who would win: A formless incomprehensible eldritch god OR one small boat
  • @jakekeskeys1138
    Lovecraft: Cthulhu is an unknowable and indescribable being Also Lovecraft: Describes Cthulhu in great detail
  • I got the Necronomicon on audible to listen to while patrolling the backcountry country as a Wilderness Ranger. I was not into horror, but Lovecraft is such a cultural phenomena that I thought it would be interesting to check out. Anyway, walking around alone in the woods with Lovecraft in one ear is all well and good in the daylight …
  • "that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." Am I the only one that had to pause the video for like an hour to ponder the brilliance of this?
  • @three7007
    Petition to bring back a bigger whiteboard for occasional story time
  • @ooston1990
    Today was the day of my daughter's 8th birthday. I was going to a local pizza shop to pick up the food for the party, and the guy cashing me out saw my Wendigoon cryptid shirt. He said nice shirt and for a fellow Wendigoon fan, I'll give you a discount! Hopefully he sees this comment. Thanks again man!
  • @abager01
    Hey Wendigoon, the video was great! The lapel mic however, sounds a little sharp and low quality to my ears. The mic you used for your typical voiceovers sounds much warmer and delightful, and typically in your scenario, a good quality shotgun mic works best. Lapels work fine, but usually are used for onstage speeches or presentations, not really prerecorded videos that are based heavily on voice work. Again, great video!