Perk responds to LeBron unfollowing him on social media 🤣 | First Take

Published 2024-06-10

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  • So Lebron unfollowing someone is worth nearly 12 minutes of airtime? Whenever he finally retires, First Take is going to have 20 minutes of dead air every day.
  • @srose2003
    Grown men talking about unfollowing people on social media. This is so corny.
  • Last week they were mad at him for talking about Kyrie. Now they mad at him for not saying anything 🤣😂🤣😂
  • @MrEOM41
    Perk turning on Lebron is the most unexpected plot twist in recent memory 😅
  • @KZ1994able
    Kendrick got unfollowed by Kevin Durant for this same reason
  • @mrkewll
    Lebron complimented Kyrie and got accused of making it about him... They, in turn, made an entire segment about Lebron while Kyrie is playing in the NBA finals. Just admit y'all hate on Lebron or mention his name for views and likes... If Perk knows Lebron for so long, he would know his character is not as such...
  • It’s crazy they talk about everyone in public but expect everyone to call them in private!
  • @suavearh
    But don’t say something about Stephen A. he’ll cry like a little girl on his podcast an hour later. LeBron says nothing but unfollowed Perk and Stephen A. calls him out. You petty as hell bruh
  • The NBA finals are not over and they are talking about Lebron who is at home and has the right to follow/unfollow whoever he wants! Wow how famous is this man😂
  • @skubaRu7
    40 years old with a wife and kids ranting on tv about another Man Unfollowing him…🤮
  • Lebron:breathes First take: Lebron James just breathes how does this effect his legacy
  • @linnstr8609
    Next time ESPN bring up MJ vs LeBron... Perk: "MJ the goat and it's not even close"
  • @ManicSV3
    LeBron just unfollowed him and now he's a diva while they're complaining about him for 12 minutes😂 irony? Or hypocrisy?
  • LeBron didn't unfollow him over a disagreement on a subject matter. He unfollowed him because he attacked his character.
  • Shannon is so uncomfortable….., because he doesn’t agree-
  • @Memp10901
    Jealousy is a All Time High on 1st Take
  • I hate when people make public comments about someone and then criticize them for responding publicly… “you’ve made comments about this man, his family, etc. ON NATIONAL TV, but he should’ve called you privately??? CSGTFOHWTBS