Not Like Us

Published 2024-05-04

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  • @SUKUNA_0009
    The "A MINORRRRRRRRRRRRRR" Line hit like a Mortal Kombat finisher
  • @nightmar3116
    Adonis has an entire playlist to play whenever he gets grounded
  • @FOE_AM
    • Still #1 tending 16 days later • Has more likes than ALL of Drakes responses COMBINED! • Kendricks disses have less combined dislikes than any 1 of Drake's tracks 👑 🐐
  • @snazzy
    I’m starting to get the feeling Kendrick doesn’t like Drake.
  • @teeparker465
    This man was strategic. He attacked his person, family and crew.
  • @frapino
    "No, you not a colleague, You a fu*kn' Colonizer" 🔥🔥🔥😅🤣🤣
  • @4theboiz
    Drake: You beat bitches. Kendrick: You deserve it.
  • @gambee_
    The United Nations needs to step in at this point.
  • @Ti01y
    This song is all over the internet, played everywhere in clubs, bars, you name it. Kendrick's music is booming in numbers and this song has been on trending 13 days in. You can't tell me this man didn't win when no one gives an fuck about Drake's music right now, let alone his response to this song.
  • God this an absolute banger. One of those songs you can put on repeat, and it will never get old.
  • @isaacwhyy
    J Cole probably at Disney eating funnel cake while this beef unfolding 😭😭
  • @djmeechymeech
    This is cyber bullying at this point 🤣 🤣 🤣
  • @corn7118
    This song is straight fire! Kendrick's flow is on point, and his lyrics hit hard. He's got that unique ability to shed light on social issues and challenge the status quo. Kendrick's wordplay and rhymes are top-notch, as always. He effortlessly weaves in metaphors and clever rhymes that keep you hooked from start to finish. And let's not forget about the production! The beat is catchy and complements Kendrick's flow perfectly.
  • @soupa290
    The line "these predators move in flocks, that name gotta be registered and placed on neighborhood watch is such an untalked about line
  • @hxsain
    this isn’t even beef anymore it’s just pure hatred, 3 diss tracks in 48 hours is crazy
  • "you are not a colleague, you a fuckin colonizer" KENDRICK HES ALREADY DEAD 😭😭😭😭
  • @iShockAsystole
    As an older white guy that hasnt listened to a new song in at least 20 years, Ive played this at least a hundred times. Like it or not, its crossed
  • @Potatoes730
    “Man down, call an amber-lamps.” 🤣 love that amber lamps reference