Mike Tyson is "Terrifying" Ahead of Jake Paul Fight

Published 2024-05-10

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  • @jopo7996
    Tyson is going to catch Jake with an uppercut that will allow him to add astronaut to his resume.
  • @Beecher_Dikov
    Tyson knows this is his last chance to beat the shit out of some one legally.
  • @paulleach3612
    Old Mike just has to become young Mike for 1 minute and the fight will be over.
  • @lesswhynin
    I love the idea that Mike Tyson's walk to the ring music for the Jake Paul fight could be "In the Air Tonight."
  • @adamburton99
    It appears that nearly 90% of the world want to see Mike Tyson spank Jake Paul in the ring. If Mike pulls off a knock out, the satisfaction across the world- just imagine!
  • @Jarjarjar21
    I went with friends in '88 to see a Tyson one round fight on a big screen in Toronto. People were just coming back to their seats with popcorn and the fight was over. They played the round over and over on the big screen. It still makes me chuckle.
  • Tyson best quote, " I am afraid to let that person come out, because if I do, hell is coming with me"
  • @ericlutz7939
    Ali to mike : get him for me. The world to mike : get him for us.
  • He's so fast with his foot work that he could hit you with a combo and be behind you already before you even recover. Just crazy athleticism
  • @Jay_Tsunami_
    I think Mike is more complex than even Joe understands.
  • @tedk572
    I think I’ve got it. Mike Tyson getting old is like Godzilla getting old. The villagers still run for their lives.
  • We used to drink while watching fights, Mike came on the scene and we had to start drinking 2 hours before the fight 😂
  • @jamoR72
    Mike Tyson is who One Punch Man was modeled after...
  • @Dolphnmagic
    "he's still not normal" greatest understatement
  • 8 Bit Mike Tyson is still terrifying, and I haven't played NES for 24 years.
  • Tyson was asked, in his prime, if he felt nerves before fights. He explained he feels guilt. Because he knows what’s going to happen to a man, and his family will watch it happen. Animal mindset
  • @blackdaripper
    I love it when Joe sounds like there's a demon trying to escape from his body when he gets excited
  • old man strength is a thing, tyson is not 75.. he's still in his 50's, he still has it.