Linkin Park - Soldiers (2023) Music Video

Published 2023-02-24
Linkin Park - Soldiers (zwieR.Z. Remix) ft. Eminem [Official Music Video]

An early version of my "Soldiers" remix featuring Mike Shinoda verses only.
Original version:    • Linkin Park & Eminem - Soldiers (Unce...  

Songs remixed:
"A Line In The Sand"
"Darker Than Blood"
"Cry To Yourself"
"With You"
"Hands Held High"

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All Comments (21)
  • @marclarden
    Haunting Chester vocals. Goose bumps all over!

    Miss you Chester!
  • Once a Linkin Park Soldier, always a soldier!
    20 years of Meteora
    Chester Bennington forever ❤
    Thank you for this!
  • @Adhyvhiadhafa
    I miss Chester...😭😭😭 beautiful voice...soo deep.
  • @blackjack3599
    The speech, the song, the scenes and everything that makes this video great. Bring heartbreak and tears to my eyes. You've made a genuine masterpiece and you should be proud of this great work
  • @alla1002
    Люди должны помнить, что в войне нет ничего красивого.
  • @lykzpaladin9488
    Пиздец как мне его не хватает,его глос на вечность останется в моем сердце,не только в моем но и у многих!(((
  • @missusemareess1943
    I love that you have taken the speech Charlie Chaplin spoke from The Great Dictator. Well done!
  • @robertdiaz8041
    I want to dedicate this video to my brothers and sisters who never returned from those crazy wars. At the beginning of my enlistment from Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down), Iraq, and Afghanistan. I am still lost trying to find my way through this life, there are times I wish I had never made it back. Civilian life is a living hell. It is hard to handle people that do not care about anyone but themselves and have no idea about self-sacrifice. I know what it is to watch your brothers and sisters die next to you. You never forget.
  • @frankivan5397
    He was our voice and it hurts that we could not save the one who saved us 😥

    R.I.P Chester Charles Bennington my idol🥺
  • @jamesbaine580
    Rest in peace Chester... This life was too much for you
  • @user-kd1fh2mx3f
    С детства LP помогали пережить трагедии жизни, сейчас мне 31 и снова происходит что-то страшное, хочется верить что и эти дни мы переживём..
  • @ehota6194
    RIP Честер, ты в наших сердцах навсегда(
  • @n.kempland2825
    This was absolutely incredible in every way, shape, and form and it made me tear up.
    Brilliant, beautiful job.
  • @DarkAquaVII
    Absolutely amazing music video you've made with this remix. I loved it so much. You never fail to impress me with your work! Much love from NZ.
  • @BilliBoy078
    Legends never die!
    Chester you are in our Memorys forever!
    R.I.P Chester,rest in peace.
  • @iramkhan3724
    My brother is military and now when I play this song in my sound box .. already he salute this song .... Then he said this song's every line is true in our war .... and he asked me this bands name.?. I'm said linkin park... Then my brother said this is Truly masterpiece.....
  • @ferg9401
    I know this is only a music video but damn does it hit hard! It's not even that LP's music was chosen for the it. It's the scenes chosen from each movie combined with LP's music that make it emotionally heavy and captivating. Men and women choose to fight for the country they love and were born of as well as an undeniable sense of patriotism. And to think......most wars are caused from avarice, excessive desire for power and/or religious differences.
  • @NottyGurlStyle
    I was watching the Lost video and how they got footage of Chester’s movement and I started crying…just hearing him brings me to tears…
    Great track! Missing Chester for real…❤😢