House of the Dragon Season 2 | Official Trailer | Max

Published 2024-05-14
Raise your banners. The official trailer is here.

June 16 on Max. #HOTDS2

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All Comments (21)
  • Amazon: Here's the season 2 trailer for Rings of Power HBO: HERE'S THE SEASON 2 TRAILER FOR HOUSE OF THE DRAGON
  • The way Daemon says “I did not think they’d be so eager to die” is giving Jamie’s “I don’t think he expected to die”
  • HBO casually doing a kendrick here, posting their trailer 30 mins after competition lol
  • @kayell1010
    How much dragons should we put in this trailer? HBO: Yes
  • @EmmaPM2
    "Do you accept me as your Queen and Ruler?" Matt Smith: Here we go again..
  • Rhaenys in her battle armour, Aemond being emotional, Meleys at Rook's Rest, Jace paralleling Jon Snow at the wall, Daemon putting Rhaenyra through it! This season will be my favorite for sure!
  • Dorne is sitting on the sidelines drinking and placing bets
  • @Rasim98
    Whoever had cast Matt Smith for daemon Targaryen... Thank you. One of the best casting of the century.
  • @user-pkjha
    "The enemy within is more insidious." very practical life lesson.
  • @wokeaf1337
    Intern: Should I release the trailer? HBO: HOLD IT, not yet...patience Amazon: Releases "The Rings of Power" Trailer HBO: RELEASE THE KRAKEN, DO IT BOY, DO IT NOW !!!
  • Benjicot: "Half your men will die, Lord Stark" Cregan Stark: "they died the day we marched, boy"
  • @knurdyob
    HBO: I didn't think Amazon would be so eager to die.
  • @emas-n
    Baela chasing Cripsy with Moondancer is the most satisfying scene in this trailer.
  • They’re messing with Amazon so hard by dropping this. They know this is so much better
  • @MeiziSant
    "War is coming and neither of us may win" - what a chilly statement! *shivering