Linkin Park & Eminem - NUMB (2022)

Published 2022-12-19
Linkin Park & Eminem - NUMB (2022)

All the Copyrights belongs to Linkin Park & Eminem!

This is Fan Made Remix!

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Beat Produced by @Pendo46

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Calvin James:    • Thomas Shelby | The Rise |  Peaky Bli...  

TB Edits:    • (Peaky Blinders) Thomas Shelby | LAST...  

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All Comments (21)
  • @Damatovg
    Objectively one of the greatest shows ever created. Great mix to combo with it
  • @bleumoon4785
    Keep up with these remixes dude! Two of my favorite artist mixed together. Insanely, dangerous, wonderous, blissful thing to hear. Speaks to my dark soul once again 🖤
  • @sien2429
    Это просто шикарная дань уважения Честеру Беннингтону и Линкин Парк! Браво!!!
  • @nfgames8322
    This is so good!!
    2 incredible artists/bands and 1 epic show
  • @Beyond_Bhaarat
    You are amazing! Thank you for keeping linkin park alive❤
  • @DJChrisFish
    Great mashup remix mate. The breakbeat drums, the nu metal guitar, deep bass, Chester on Vox and Eminem on the MC it’s a beautiful combo. Peeky blinders sample and vids is icing on the cake. Masterful!
  • @dans8942
    What a great mix look forward to what comes next.
  • Thanx for this masterpiece art of mixing . Great work and keep continue with this.
  • Being searching for you lol, my wife couldn't remember your name at first but found you in her subs. Firstly, love your stuff and been a fan for a while. Secondly, another banging remix.
    Thirdly if you take suggestions would you consider doing tech nine and rammstien. If anyone could make it awesome it would be you.
  • @dannyroberts39
    Absolutely outstanding!! Always been a linkin park fan and now Talk about having your cake and eating it, mega combo
  • @maxkaos7597
    Found you 15 mins ago.
    You saved my life xxx
  • @reaperx0324
    Masterpiece!! I only saw 53 frickin seconds!! Bravo.Bravo.
  • @darkcarnival6656
    Two in a row with this show for the video. They blend together great
  • @popular456
    I MISS YOU Chester T . T
    2017 You go to heaven as an angel
    Now 2022
    Are you happy in heaven
    Becouse Fans haven't forgotten you
  • @masei77
    What a gorgeous combination❤
  • 両方好きなアーティストなので嬉しいです