Tasmanian Tiger Caught on Camera? (New 2024)

Published 2024-05-14
The Tasmanian tiger, also known as Thylacine, is an animal I looked for on Extinct or Alive. It is one of the most well-known extinct animals, and this man named Zack may have caught it on camera. Could this be proof thylacine is still alive?

Forrest Galante is a world-renowned wildlife biologist and TV Host. His mission is to inspire and educate people about animals and adventure through the media, including hosting programs on Discovery Channel, on-camera expert interviews, and production of his own wildlife and natural history shows.

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All Comments (21)
  • @robertm627
    I bet some random dude has a perfect picture of a thylacine that they think is just a wierd dog
  • @mikew.762
    Can you imagine if they brought a Thylacine into a Vet.😂
  • Honestly props to you for putting up with the interview that was so painful at points
  • I spent a lot of time in the outback. City dwellers have no idea how wild the bush can be. We have no proof the thylacine was ever extinct. We merely did not observe it.
  • Y’all remember like 5 years ago when people would say “pics or it didn’t happen” and now most photos are fake
  • @Islandboiiii
    I think he's scared to say that they hit it with the car, which for me explains why it was laying down and they wanting to take it to a vet and "rescue it"except when they got too close it ran away
  • Don't know about this one lads. I live in Tasmania and am a pilot, and as I'm sure it's already been pointed out, but there are no international flights to anywhere in Tasmania apart from the occasional Hobart to New Zealand which is only 2 and a bit hours. "Darwin" is about as far from Tasmania as he could have said, New Zealand is closer to us than Darwin. To go from the USA to Tasmania, there are no flights from Chicago, and only occasional flights from JFK to Sydney or Melbourne. You must go to LA or San Francisco first, then fly to Sydney or Melbourne then onto Tasmania. That's a total of 3 flights MINIMUM, one way. Not sure about the dad and not liking connections? Doesn't add up. Also, when Forrest showed the image meta data, the picture had 72 pixels per square inch. Having worked with the iphone 11 in a professional setting, they have a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch and on a modern phone, the pictures shouldn't look that bad, as they have night mode that automatically kicks in. Videoing is much better proof because it is harder to forge than images. Finally, some pictures have a really green grass in the background and some have what looks to be dead grass or dirt. The way he speaks of the details doesn't seem like this fellow is being legitimate and if there is no ticket proof, it is totally possible he never came here in the first place. Tasmania has sophisticated schemes to track down any possible specimens and the sighting ends up being on a tourist who stumbles upon it. Yeah nah
  • This was an excruciating interview, I'm running out of patience.
  • Australian Hunter and Bushman here, I was told in confidence by a mate that he took a shot at a " wild dog" on his twelve thousand acre property in long grass early one morning, he missed! this shocked him as he never did! but what astounded him was it took three "hops" then broke into a run! He told me it was one of those Tasmanian Tigers he saw in school! This guy had never seen the internet and his location did not have tv reception. His father bought the property of an old man who had released exotic animals in his private property, there was documented cases he had Dall Sheep, Indian Blackbuck, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, and Golden Pheasant. In his valley the sand stone escarpment would be 400m high and surround the property 9/10ths the way round. The old guy was eighty when he sold the place and he had owned the property since pre 1900. There were no exotic animal laws in Australia till around 1970, I know of families that owned Lions, Tigers, Bears without any kind of permits etc. Buy the way, this is on the mainland not in Tasmania! pryor to protection you would have been able to buy a Thylacine or 2 with out any drama until the 1930's and this guy had Dall Sheep Indian Blackbuck!. This was in the 1990's. just saying!
  • @nahunting
    Dude found an animal extinct for 80 years and doesn’t have an ounce of excitement
  • @Automedon2
    I saw a dog get get hit by a car. I got out to check and he got up and ran away, clearly in pain. As he ran, he let out a wail with his mouth open like a wide yawn. He disappeared so I couldn't do anything, but I will always remember that wail and the look of pain on his face.
  • Too unbelievable, bro said he saw blood and in the photos they didn't show any sign of blood. Hard to believe its true.
  • As an ecologist, wildlife surveyor and someone who has spent a lot of time in Tassie I would say put the original photos on a google drive so people can see the metadata (although that can be manipulated). There are no direct international flights from the USA to Tassie. Anyone who goes to Tassie is confronted with images of Thylacines EVERYWHERE- it's the government logo, it's on beer bottles, it's used in advertising widely. The journey from Hobart to Stowport would take many hours, especially at night when there are animals all over the roads, including wombats which you DON'T want to hit, it's literally not safe to drive over 80km/h at night in Tasmania. There are bucketloads of camera traps deployed all over the place in Tassie for wildlife monitoring, Thylacine fanatics and farm security and NONE of these have picked up convincing images of Thylacines. I think it's likely that Thylacines persisted in Tassie until the 1970s, (after speaking to people in aged care who had seen them) but they were a creature of the open woodlands, not the dense forests. No road kill, none shot, none on quality camera traps. I call this a hoax, sadly.
  • I don't blame his apprehension. He's just protecting his and his families privacy. He seems more than sensible
    Seems legit. Hes not over excited. As someone who always knows where I am it frustrates me that people get lost and dont understand directions so the airport and travel thing makes complete sense. Lol hes such a chill guy.
  • Being Australian, I find it very hard to believe an international flight from NYC to Hobart would occur, not to mention non stop. I think it’s a Hoax.
  • @famass8888
    Get him to send you a screenshot of the photos in his camera roll, so you know they’ve been taken on that phone
  • @ladyangua1
    "shrieky almost like a meow" From the National Film and Sound Archive "thylacines were usually mute but they were capable of husky coughing barks when excited and terrier-like double yaps when hunting."
  • I think this is real. The Tasmanian Tiger didn't go extinct that long ago so it is still very probable that they exist.