The Recruit | Official Trailer | Netflix

Published 2022-11-16
Watch the official trailer for The Recruit, an upcoming Netflix series starring Noah Centineo. A fledgling lawyer at the CIA becomes enmeshed in dangerous international power politics when a former asset threatens to expose the nature of her long-term relationship with the agency unless they exonerate her of a serious crime. All episodes streaming December 16, only on Netflix.


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The Recruit | Official Trailer | Netflix

A rookie lawyer at the CIA stumbles headlong into the dangerous world of international espionage when a former asset threatens to expose agency secrets.

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  • @Trustyzaney
    I want season 2!! I am as shocked as everyone else that I enjoyed this show. There was so many laugh out loud moments. Throughout the entire show, I kept thinking out loud these ppl remember that the lead is a lawyer right? Not a field agent. That anxiety since 2019 moment did not fall flat at all. I thought that scene was funny as well. Noah was great! Funny when he needed to be, charming and quirky sometimes. Definitely sexy too when he put his mind to it in some scenes. Our new James Bond! I am so here for it..
  • @Bsky89
    Everything about this trailer makes me want to watch the movie. It all flows so naturally, it’s almost relatable in a way because of Noah being so young and not doing all these huge things that usually happen in an action movie. Not to mention that the trailer gives just enough away for me to have an idea of what I’ll be walking into but not enough for it to be the movie itself.
    The editing and music are also extremely well done. Keep it up Netflix and you just might not lose me as a customer if you make it worth it
    EDIT: I now know this is a series but everything I said still applies, even more so since it’s Hard to make good trailers for shows
  • @leely9006
    I just finished watching this series!!! Soooo good. Absolutely loved it! Noah exceeded my expectations and he is just perfect for the role!! Can’t wait for season 2!! Well done Netflix😌👏🏽
  • @dww2006
    I’m 5 episodes in. I’m loving this. It’s lots of fun to watch. Kudos to the writers, directors and actors.
  • @TiamoMM
    This was wayyy better than I expected. I love how Owen is actually young, and they didn't make him seem like he has everything figured out. It was funny and unexpected. Loved it!
  • @lolaayodele6941
    BEST TRAILER I HAVE SEEN IN A WHILE. The song is perfect, and the fact that they can make Noah look so good in a genre he's never tried before is superb. Well done. I cannot wait to see this.
  • Thought this would crash and burn but pleasant surprised with Noah’s performance in this. Seems like the cast had a lot of fun making this. Well done 🎉
  • @_ayusha
    One of the BEST netflix series EVER! totally loved all the episodes. Noah is phenomanel. I loved the chemistry between hannah and owen and want lots of scenes of them together and being in lovee. The friendship of owen, hannah and terrance is comforting. Need the next season ASAP!!!!
  • @BenK90210
    It's been a long time since I've finished a series in such a short period of time.
    Laura Haddock never dissappoints, great actress, we need her back as Max.
    I hope they will announce season 2 soon.
  • @riyasood4085
    The series was amazing! Noah is refreshing as the lead - badass and equally naive. Great supporting characters and the plot. Waiting for season 2!!!!!
  • @shivangc999
    This is the perfect trailer, it gives away a little, gets you invested in checking it out and doesn't give away the whole plot of the show. I feel like too many trailers give away the entire plot when you watch them these days and the art of the just a masterful trailer is essentially dead in the new era. I'm glad Noah Centineo is breaking out in these roles and diverging from his type cast 'cute boy' phase. His comedic timing also seems perfect. I'll definitely be checking this series out. Also huge props to whoever edited this trailer, they deserve a huge fkn raise.
    This is perfect they didn’t force Noah to look completely badass and older because that would’ve been SO cringe … the comedy relief is amazing it flows so naturally especially with him just starting off in these type of roles
  • Such an incredible role for Noah's career. The very best thing an actor can do is to have a variety of character roles in different genres.
  • @nimswhimsy
    This one took us by surprise in a good way. Noah Centineo is fantastic, the writing is crisp and funny as hell. So glad it's been greenlit for a second season. We were hooked after watching 15 minutes of episode one.
  • @paulmarchese7738
    Loved this show! I'm a sucker for these genres, so I knew i'd like it, but WOW I was sooo hooked from the start to the end...literally binged in a day. So much quirky moments and Noah's character are so good in this show. A must watch imo!
  • @jodie3950
    Happy to see Noah Centineo in something serious. This looks great! Looking forward to seeing more of his future work
  • @warrior9694
    This is surprisingly pleasant & intriguing…did not expect Noah to be the lead, but it looks promising from this trailer!
  • @philliesblunt247
    I want season 2! I just started and finished season 1. It was perfect. Please keep it going.