I turned Mario Wonder into a Nuzlocke

Published 2024-05-13
because alpharad can't make a video without putting nuzlockes in the title anymore
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3:26 Rest of the video

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All Comments (21)
  • @Alpharad
    sorry i have a backlog of videos from old streams and i am going to upload them all this month
  • @Wuinn17
    “Past the point of joking about drugs cause I’ve had a similar experience” 💀 that’s crazy
  • @Glace_cakes
    I like to imagine the concept of this game came from Nintendo getting fed up with the mushroom drug joke and saying, “You wanna see some REAL drugs? Fine. Mario’s a bowling ball now.” And it is fantastic
  • It was weirdly enjoyable seeing Alpharad's worsening mental breakdowns as he lost more and more characters And the drugs were funny too
  • @justa_panda
    When he said "this is just like a Mario Maker experience" and "that was just a learning curve" about that optional level he lost Mario to, I had so many kaizo flashbacks in that one moment
  • @King_Chance
    I will never emotionally recover from hearing alpha refer to someone as "Diap'd up"
  • @CoolCarter
    this video's thumbnail is the definition of peak, great job koro!
  • @eitang.6292
    I like how in the end most of the wonder flower effects don’t even register to Alpha because he just becomes stressed about dying lmao
  • Turning mario wonder into a nuzlocke is like going to a drug dealer and only buying meth
  • @NaveKnights
    DUDE, theres no way Jacob just got me with the skipping the sponsor using the timestamp. That made me laugh so much I cant even describe it, screw you Alpharad (in the nicest way possible).
  • Alpharad's reaction to the singing Piranha Plants had me choking on my hot chocolate... Goddammit Alpha, why do you have to be so funny. Now I have hot chocolate on my white t-shirt.
  • @bluelfsuma
    8:00 "this looks like you should be able to stand on it" Yeah, uh, the problem is that you can also run off of it.
  • Jacob’s reaction to the wonder seed making the piranha plants sing is simultaneously one of the most horrifying and funniest jokes at at the same time.
  • @Zogged
    Getting sniped from that ad skip was diabolical. I had an out of body experience when internet man broke the fourth wall.
  • @SusanBolding
    Daisy carried so hard, why she's my favorite princess. <3 The Elephant Toads are also pretty cute. <3 Toadette got done dirty.
  • @Varigatou
    Curious about this experience where you saw talking plants, Jacob
  • Marvel quippy is the best possible explanation of the flower humor in this game, and I had no way to express this until now.