The Little Mermaid (2023) 🧜‍♂️ All Scenes in Chronological Order (New update)

Published 2023-05-13
Hey guys!
Here is the final update of this video!
You can see all clips that are now available of The Little Mermaid that will be released in theaters real soon. Enjoy! ^^

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  • FINALLY this looks like a live-action remake with the goal Disney had for all of them. It’s live-action but still somehow has the magic that the animated ones had. I’m SO excited for when this comes to cinemas! 🫧 🐠 🧜🏻‍♀ 🐦 🫧
  • @user-bt1eb6dr6b
    I really missed the old Disney cell animation. The movement that was delicately expressed in frame-by-frame... How lovely Ariel's delicate head and hand gestures were. I'll never see them again. No one animates in the old way, and there is no delicate pursuit of beauty and love. The old reference models disappeared, and the old masters disappeared... Now I know. It was a true gem...
  • @suemiller7772
    Bravo...we loved the movie. It was amazing. The music fantastic. Halle has the voice as an Angel. A huge talent!
  • @janahYT
    I just watched it today with my 3 daughters in Vue cinema. They loved it. Halle is just wonderful. Her vocal performance is beautiful. What a voice!!!!😊😊😊
  • @jubileegrace1826
    I absolutely ADORE this movie! I saw it, and couldn’t stop crying! Haha… also, they included a lot of new songs! AND THEY WERE GOOD! There is something about Halle’s acting… everything was realistically ‘for the first time’… a new world for a mermaid. She truly brought out the innocence of Ariel. It’s a precious movie.
  • @flatnpt92
    It would be a beautiful movie if it’s not too dark. I want to see more of the magical ocean. Btw, Halle’s voice lives rent free in my mind.
  • @sandratucker4461
    Masterpiece!! Every single minute of this movie is amazing, perfect cast and just breathtaking
  • @amandaball552
    The 26th can't come quick enough. I'm absolutely loving everything about this so far. Halle is so beautiful and so talented, I can't wait to see her bring Ariel to life. Been a fan since 1989 and she's my favourite princess. 😭
  • @user-nm9un4rg1y
    oh my god! am i the only one who gets goosebumps? how wonderful! I'm delighted because this movie for me will be one of the best for sure! besides being one of the best princesses, i don't think there is a better person to represent ariel than halle, oh my god i can't believe she's amazing! I think she and the actor who plays the prince were born to play these characters. Can't wait to see.
  • @SlayStxrz
    I love how in the new movie, the hair moves just like how it would if she were underwater 😊
  • @josieewers7386
    Thank you to whoever put this together, I must admit with all the online criticism and arguments going back and forth for a much-beloved childhood movie by many. I thought I was going to read lots of comments from very skeptical people looking to boycott the movie but instead, I find lots of positivity in the comments and even excitement which is not only uplifting but also encouraging.
    I really loved the little mermaid as a child growing up although it was only later in life I realized that the film came out in the 80s ( I was born in the 90s) and it happened to be a special showing the day I first saw it in the cinema years ago. They had the video reintroduced and I remember there being a music video by a young Peter Andre which was a cover for the song Kiss the Girl.
    Seeing this video brings back my memories of this film but I honestly think I am getting too old to enjoy films like this which may be why it just doesn't feel the same. Although if there are as many people feeling confident in the comments today about the live-action remake and are excited to be the first through the door then please enjoy the movie with an open heart like I had once.
  • @mariomarciodrf
    This already looks amazing. I can't wait to see the whole thing!
  • @bjmance1
    This movie was absolutely amazing! i went by myself and finally I see someone that look like me on the screen :) Halle did an amazing job! she was made for this role! Many blessings for Halle! go watch,n you will not regret it!
  • Saw it at beautiful El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles in 3D and loved every minute : images, colours, story, music and singing are all great...extremely moving as well ....will go back with pleasure !
  • @Miriam-fk9wr
    She’s absolutely beautiful 🤩 I get goosebumps every time I watch her sing 🤩🤩🤩🤩
  • @itzme8296
    Oh wow. This is so beautiful makes me so excited to see this. Kudos to all the cast. 🎉🎉🎉👏👏
  • @debsam77
    This looks so fun and cute. I’m an adult and my son and I are having a mother/son date for this with all the fluffers. He’s already got the tickets and I can’t wait🥰
  • @shlyanth
    I really enjoyed this version of “The Little Mermaid!” Very entertaining indeed!