New Overgrowth Spell Explained (Clash of Clans)

Published 2024-02-26
The Clash of Clans Update brings a New Spell; the Overgrowth Spell. Judo Sloth Gaming shares Overgrowth Spell gameplay in this tutorial guide style sneak peek. The New Spell is almost a mixture of the Freeze and Invisibility Spells, tangling up defenses and making them invisible. Attack strategy is discussed as the best ways to use the Overgrowth Spell are shown. Be sure to check out the other sneak peek videos as we had New Troop and Defense levels for Sneak Peek 1, New Royal Champion Equipment for Sneak Peek 2, and obviously the New Spell for Sneak Peek 3. What are you most looking forward to in the update? Clash On!

Sneak Peek 1:    • New Troop and Defense Levels - Clash ...  
Sneak Peek 2:    • New Royal Champion Equipment in Clash...  

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Video Chapters:
0:00 Overgrowth Spell - Stats and Upgrades
1:38 Mechanics of the New Spell
3:47 Strategies for the Overgrowth Spell

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All Comments (21)
  • @mystify521
    They're adding so much meta content after ten years, no wonder the community is prospering!
  • @TrashTaster
    This spell will definitely be useful for Queen Charge/Walks and Strategies that need funneling. Definitely a very useful spell.
  • @ombhatt5804
    Imagine dropping it accidentally at 99% and 15 seconds left.
  • @bbd1603
    22 seconds at Level 1 is crazy. This might be a game changer
  • @Thinkdre
    finally... a new spell 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • @lenkkinakki
    This is going to fundamentally change the whole game on attack and defence. Looking forward to seeing how it is like in game.
  • @spike6533
    Judo forgot to say:"welcome back to the channel then guy!! I am your host Judo sloth" every video is incomplete without this intro and I have watched it so many times in so many of his videos that it always runs in my mind whenever his video starts!!:) whether he says it or not!a humble request to Judo to pls use that intro in every video!!
  • There are a lot of creators who post sneak peaks at the same time as you but I always prefer to watch your videos. Your explanation is simply amazing and the editing is on point. Serious but with a bit of a humour every now and then. Keep up the content Judo, you earned yourself a new sub !
  • @irgsmusic
    This is a perfect spell for those who are having a hard time with funneling. It opens up so much for strategies! Thanks Judo for such amazing explanations!
  • @addyupsyt
    Thank you for these videos Judo. The end lines are always the best bits after all the amazing content. Feels like y out acc care about us and having a good day outside of YouTube. Much love brother
  • @clarsonsx
    Wow. Thanks, Judo, for another helpful info and strats!
  • Fun fact: A tip in the CoC loading screen talks about the comparatively less housing space of the dark spells. Guess that's changing now? Fun fact #2: The overgrowth spell is the first of its kind to be of more than 1 housing space and hence is the first to be stored in bigger bottle.
  • This is so awesome!!!!! Thx clash team and devs for all you've done for us, the players. Also thx judo for breaking down this new spell. Hope to be able to use it better thx to your explanation. Keep up the great work bro!!😎😎⚡⚡⚡
  • @kropek2008
    This is very informative. Thank you again Judo.
  • @hemaswaroop1227
    I first thought 22 seconds was so long but that's the catch here because they are immune ,we can't get values with the rush may be , or slow push is better for this spell but ,the pros are gonna abuse it so it'll be op
  • @qwerrewq7388
    For blizzards it may even be better to leave it a level one, use it at the beginning and time it so it expires the moment you drop down the Clan Castle Troups, to get the blimp further into the base
  • @josephlarson6537
    I’m so exited for this update! Thanks for always having quality content, you’re definitely my favorite clash YouTuber. Keep it up! Code judo!
  • @Gamingpc7844
    Been watching you for ages! Glad to see you have come this far as a YouTuber! Keep up the great work! Still support you