building an 8 floor home for 8 sims in the sims 4 | Growing Together #sponsored

Published 2023-03-24
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so turns out tallest home for 8 SIMS takes foreverrrrr, but hope you guys like this one!

thanks again to the EA Creator Network for sponsoring this video!

Gallery ID: CarynandConnie
Mods: Twisted Mexi's "T.O.O.L Mod" and "Better BuildBuy"

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We Shop Song - Philip Milman
Hep Cats by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



All Comments (21)
  • KatieBirdie
    attic teen is absolutely the star of a coming-of-age story where they learn the value of family and share their ideas with the world
  • Lanie and Matt
    I can’t be the only person who actually wishes these were longer? Give me the whole build piece by piece! Trust me, I’d watch it! I’ve learned so much from these videos my builds have improved drastically!!
  • 🌼Abby🌼
    I love how in every single build these two come up with lore, like, “yes we have four children, a baby, a social toddler, a Dino loving kid, and a main character teenager. Our grandparents live with us and Elsa is always blasting”
  • JayDFlay4809
    “One’s a twelve string, one’s an electric, one’s an acoustic…”

    “and this one’s a BUNNY!”

    Best line 10/10
  • Is it just me or does anyone else want them to do a light house home next❤
  • Kedo
    My favorite thing about you two is the stories you both create in every build you do! It makes the whole experience so much more fun and really shows that you care about the work you're putting into these builds instead of just doing it as a challenge or just for kicks. You have very quickly become one of my comfort channels and I can't wait for more!!
  • otterr_pops
    The basement jam session room was the best idea! I could just imagine the teen going into the soundproof box when no one is home and screaming away their feelings.
  • BoPeepSheepYT
    You guys should make a house based on one of the doll houses in game! If you make it bigger you can see all the furniture and you can add your own touches to you’re build!
  • spoi1edteeth
    God. I have been getting reels from this channel for months now and this is the first time I’ve actually sat down and taken the time and watched a whole video and may I just say wow… I am in absolute LOVE with you guys and your building?? I get so much inspiration and so much confidence to go and make my own builds with as much detail that was put into here. Goodness 😩🌶️🌶️🌶️
  • Dang, I thought it'd be hard to make 8 floors. How do you guys make it look so easy? There's so much going on for this big family. The living room and fire pit back yard are my FAVORITE. They look so good! I think stairs connecting the balconies would have been great, if this was a real house.

    I'd love a challenge where you make each room a different tetris piece shape. Or you play tetris, let the pieces fill about half the screen, then use that as a house shape.
  • dancincoolkid
    That guitar stand in the basement is legit pure genius. Love y'all's builds so much!!
  • MyHeartIsYours
    Lovely video! Can you girls PLEASE make a nursery room for every trait of the new infants!! I beg of you! ❤
  • Hannah Bitterman
    I discovered this channel a few weeks ago, and it has since become my comfort listening. I listen to them over and over they are so cozy and happy and make me feel so safe and at home.
  • Bri the Bi
    I was feeling really understimulated a few minutes ago but the way you two interact just scratches an itch in my lil adhd brain that makes it so much better, love you guys <3
  • Rebecca Olson
    I can’t believe the growth you two have had in the past few months! I feel so privileged to be able to say I was here at only 10 videos posted, and I’m happy to say I’ll be sticking around for the foreseeable future. You have quickly become one of my favorite YouTube channels! ❤
  • sm kavvaii
    These girls are genuinely so good at social media and marketing. You don't necessarily know they're plugging their socials or hyping up EA unless you're actively looking for it.
    For example, when they 'miss something in the build', they plug their Gallery ID. (Example in this video is at 23:49)
    Kudos to them for making it entertaining as well, it's harder to do than you think.
    Love this content and love that ur making so much bank while doing something you two obviously like doing ❤
  • Izzy
    I've only just discovered this channel and I'm already in love! Also, I think a library build would look really nice in your style. (Especially if it has plants)
  • strawbbaby
    i seriously love this so much. the story behind it makes me want moreee! the full house energy rlly steps it up omg💗
  • Layna Lebow
    i really like caryn and connie’s dynamic, you don’t see very many sims youtubers that have a co-host which i like that you guys are able to bounce ideas off each other.
  • Zip_Zap _Zan
    I love the green outside of the house. This is such a big house you guys did such a good job. Filling it out and making a story that fits.