40K - SORORITAS, The Sisters of Battle | Warhammer 40,000 Lore / History

Published 2023-05-27
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0:00 Intro
1:13 The Sisters of all Humanity
8:44 Faithful Servants of the God Emperor
24:01 The Age of Apostasy
44:22 A Spiritual Tapestry
51:29 The Defenders of the Divine
1:02:54 Order Amid Chaos
1:10:18 Outro

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  • @Luetin09
    Amend - When I say the towers on Ophelia VII were 4,000 Miles - - actually Meters lol
    Its been a long time getting to here, and I had some additional days for re-edits, this one is long overdue, and probably the most requested vid at this point.
    Safe to say though that we havent really even fully explored the Sororitas so there will be specific follow ups to come as well.
  • @DanielWW2
    Lore for the Loremaster.
    Books for his throne.
    Let the Galaxy read.
  • I love the reaction of Lorgar, Primarch of the Word Bearers legion, to the first Imperial followers; quoted from ‘The Revelation of the Word’ (December 2019) by David Annandayle.

    Lorgar: “You call him a god against his expressed command”.

    Kalia: “His dictates are a test of our faith. What is the value of a faith that is not challenged? We prove our fidelity by following these truths no matter what”.

    Lorgar: “Though he forbids the worship of all gods”.

    Kalia: “There… There is only one true god”.

    Lorgar: “Though your god declares he is not one”.

    Kalia: “Only the one true god would deny his divinity”.

    (Lorgar knocks the altar upside down in anger)

    Lorgar (infuriated): “You dare… You dare to turn my words against me?”

    Kalia: “I do not understand”.

    Lorgar: “Only a true god would deny his divinity. That is the great delusion, the one that lies at the heart of that book. And that delusion was mine. I was the one who contorted reason to produce that lie. I was the one who needed it to be true or else all my beliefs would collapse into ruin, as will yours”. [...]

    Kalia: “Then you are still further proof of the Emperor’s divinity. He works even through the likes of you (laughing hysterically) Hahaha, his power is so great that even his enemy must reveal his truth”.


    Lorgar: “They are fanatics, Bal Tavor. They do not question. They do not see. They will not be turned (grimly) Destroy them all!” [...]

    Lorgar: “These followers of this cult… They will defy us onto death, that is their nature. In small numbers they are helpless, but in large enough gatherings they will be a threat. Belief is contagious. Given a chance this cult would have spread over worlds and beyond. Kalia Veston and all her kind must be exterminated”. [...]

    Lorgar: “But here is the paradox. Though these people will die for the Emperor, though they will fight us to their final breath, they also represent the end of the Emperor’s dream. They are what he tried to destroy on Monarchia. They are everything the Imperial Creed stands against. The Emperor’s most devout followers will, if they can, be the ruin of his hopes and their holy book is my doing”. [...]

    Lorgar: “Here at least I have destroyed what I created, what I once sought most fervently to create. I echo my father’s actions and the irony is compound. The contradictions seem irresolvable. I must make war on a religion whose foundation I have laid and whose followers reverently mouth my words. This is vexing. You have recorded all, scribe?” [...]

    (Lorgar charges at scribe and strangles him to death) [...]

    Lorgar: “No one will hear these words, but me. And there is no space now for me to untangle these paradoxes. The urgencies of war will not allow it, but I will learn the full meaning of this mystery. If I have to extinguish life from the galaxy to carve out that time, then I will. If I have to wait until eternity passes before I can meditate on the full meaning of what has transpired, then I will. But I will understand. I will know revelation”.
  • @Conch357
    the emperor unhappily sitting in his chair begrudgingly helping the sisters through the powers of the warp because he hates how they see him but loves how good they are at killing the xenos
  • @GaldirEonai
    Sebastian Thor is a pretty interesting figure. An actual decent human being in a position of power in the Imperium...and he got away with it. His whole story is basically a giant raised middle finger to grimdark.
  • 40k is clearly an experiment in combining different tropes and archetypes that don’t usually get put together. Like cyberpunk and sexy nuns.
  • @JeneralMills
    I have technically listened to this whole thing probably 6 times, but have effectively listened to only the first 5 minutes 6 times as luetin's soothing vocals has put me to sleep each time. Long Rest Leutin Sleep Club!
  • Luetin09, blessed be, please consider doing a deep dive on the custodes. It would mean a lot if you could cover that faction when opportunity allows. I'd love to go deep on their genesis, esp. considering some of the older reference materials. In the interim, you have blessed us with a great video on none other than the Soroitas themselves...oh holy Emperor.
  • @FreeCandy4you
    I just picked up Sisters of Battle this is perfect timing to get me even more inspired to paint them and pick a color scheme from the different sisters. Thank you Luetin
  • @lexfrenchy8159
    In the Book of Martyrs, there a scene of battle seen from a Tau point of view. The xenos face the Sisters and the scene shows very well how terrifying it is to fight them. The arco-flagellants and penitent engines would stop at nothing, and one of the Tau is almost cooked alive in their exosuit. There is also a gruesome scene at the end of the story, but I won't spoil it in case you want to read that book.
  • @bigspinshit
    Yes! Just in time for my weekend painting sessions! I just want to say thank you Luetin, for all the effort you put into your vids. The research, the YT restrictions and everything make it hard but you're still able to bring out top-notch 10/10 content. Everybody appreciates you, and what you do.
  • @cmboyfriend
    The sisters are my favourite faction. They embody the wrath and fury of the space marines, and they also represent the humanity in us like the Imperial Guard. Also the ending narration brought some tears to me eyes. Thank you Luetin. Great video.
  • @bakauf4300
    Louise, from Rogue Hobbies, makes the happiest Sister of Battle ever. No doubt, headed for a stint in the Repentia. There will be no smiling in the SoB! 🤣
  • @jbark678
    Is it just me, or does hunting down mutants not come up nearly as much as it should relative to the setting?

    On that note, Sisters are warp sorcerers and it's based.
  • @BrainsZoinick
    Finally, my favourite faction is getting the Luetin treatment it so deserves
  • @FenderJReid
    Your final monolgue with that indomitas trailer and artwork, and that sister voice acting gave me chills. Well done my man

    Just in time for 10th. I care not for points nor rules. I will field them to remind those enemies of The Emperor that his wrath is inviolate. His will immortal.
  • @softyzz69
    Excellent work as always, thank you sir, the passion you put into your work is phenomenal.
  • @fionn2220
    I hope eventually we get a novel series detailing the relationship between the sororitas orders and their matriarchs, would be very cool to see the contrast between a mortals view of a maternal holy relationship the way we've seen so much of an immortals (the astartes) view of their paternal relationship with the primarchs.
  • @PressA2Die
    The opening gave me goose bumps. 0:55 is so awesome, the vocals sound like a Warcry from the picture. Best one since the Chaos opening.