I found out I have ADHD.

Published 2024-06-01
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All Comments (21)
  • @theodd1sout
    WE LOVE prescribed DRUGS! (taken responsibly)
  • @voncornhole
    "Miku obsession" into "ADHD/autism diagnoses" is the 2nd funniest consecutive videos since "dating simulator" into "coming out as ace"
  • "It's scary to have it, it's scary to might not have it" is such a good way to describe the hesitancy to getting diagnosed.
  • Be me: - Has trouble not fidgeting - Cannot pay attention to something unless actively interested - Cannot sit still for long periods without something to occupy myself - Can ramble for hours about my interests - Doesn't ramble for hours because I'm scared I'll bore people - very little patience for anything outside my interests - Can't organise my house for shit - Where the fuck did I put anything ...fuck, I hit the jackpot didn't I
  • Jaiden: "I have ADHD." Every neurodivergent YouTube user: Pretends to be surprised
  • @mutzelein
    I also have inattentive ADHD and I swear we lived the same goddamn life 😵‍💫 my symptoms hit me a little earlier (middle school) but otherwise this is my exact story. Gifted student as a child turned disorganized/distracted mess and always thought I just wasn't trying hard enough, only sought a diagnosis after my sister was diagnosed, too scared to take Adderall at first and put it off for a year until I was on the verge of flunking out of college, and the rest is history. It was certainly an uphill battle pulling myself out of the hole I'd been digging for nearly half my life, but now I'm in my second year of medical school and could not be happier. Thank you for sharing your story, Jaiden. I'm sure this will encourage many people with undiagnosed ADHD to seek treatment. If I had watched something like this 15 years ago, I definitely would have questioned my life sooner and perhaps would not have suffered as long as I did. Much love to you, my bretheren ❤️
  • @MickeyDoop1
    The idea of sitting down and "just doing it" is so crazy to me. If I find out I have adhd Imma be so so mad.
  • Hearing about ADHD from popular media: "This has nothing to do with me" Hearing about ADHD from actual people with ADHD: "Wait, this is the most relatable thing I've ever heard"
  • @skylaralley2465
    Jaiden has conquered the three A’s: -Aromantic -Asexual -ADHD (*in whispers* and autism)
  • @ghosty195
    I feel this all too much. I've struggled my entire life with Autism and ADHD. I got singled out as a kid up until high school where I met people in the same circumstances. Props to you for living your life. This video made me smile. Have a good day :3
  • I almost cried with the description of the first time you took the meds. It was EXACTLY how I felt and how I described to people... my head went quiet. I started crying with the realization that I've spent so much time with all of this noise having no idea that it even existed. This makes it so easier to explain to people. TY for this video and good honeymoon phase. I hope when it ends for you you don't start getting too hard on yourself like I did. <3
  • @kittybun8845
    I was diagnosed with Autism back in January at age 20. It's crazy how when you're diagnosed with neurodivergency, nothing changes but everything makes sense.
  • @DumDum0038
    i've known about my adhd for a while, but i've never been diagnosed. my symptoms make it very clear that i have adhd, likely both types of it, and i would love to get a professional diagnosis and get medicated. your discussion about taking the adderall gave me a lot of hope icl. the amount of times i've had to stay up until like midnight to get my math homework done because i hate doing it, the effort it takes just to put my clothes away, to do chores, unload the dishwasher, hell even to get up and take a shower, is absolutely insane and i hate it. i've lost track of time watching tiktok when i could have sworn i only watched a few videos and have gotten in trouble for it. i would absolutely love to be able to get a diagnosis and get medicated so i can manage this shitshow.
  • Hi there Jaiden! Thank you so much for making this video! I've always felt like I had ADHD but never got myself properly checked out or screened for the symptoms. I just felt it was my own brain being lazy or that I was a really bad person. I have a similar childhood experience like you actually! Doing relatively well in school then when I went overseas to do University in Melbourne in 2021... BOOM, started failing classes left and right. I felt as if I could NOT for the love of my life wrap my brain around why after like a month or so, I'd stop going to lectures and tutorials; instead just laying on my bed in my dorm, playing games or just doing smth else. I just COULD NOT will myself to go! I'd pack my stuff into my bad, get changed up, look at my clock and then go..."Meh, fuck it." and GO BACK to bed or just playing online games. EVEN COOKING WAS A PROBLEM XD. Sometimes I can cook a good meal, but most of the time I'd just order Doordash and eat food in my room, avoiding my dormmates. After multiple failed classes, I went into depression, got medication (Fluoxetine) to deal with it. Recovered, but it has been just a rollercoaster of emotions this past 3 years of dealing with university and parents until finally just 3 days ago I decided to talk with my uni counselor, who helped my through my depression period, about all of this and wanted to get myself checked for ADHD, she asked why and I showed her your video. After running some symptom tests with her during our session, tests that check if you do have the symptoms of ADHD, NOT ADHD ITSELF, it turns out that I had a probability score...of 99% of having ADHD as I matched nearly ALL OF THE SYMPTOMS of a person with ADHD. My symptoms matched that of the inattentive type and neurodivergent brain. I don't think I ever felt more RELIEVED in my LIFE. I'm really glad that your video inspired me to finally take the right step in reclaiming my brain because it just feels so weird and noisy up there and now that I know its probably because of ADHD, I can start the treatment/diagnosis process and finally get the meds I need to function properly. Thanks again for making this video~! Ray~
  • @EducatedNation2
    As someone with ADHD a sentence that really helped me when Im stuck in ADHD paralysis is “if you were lazy you would be having fun”.
  • I think what struck me the most is waiting 8 months to make the initial appointment, I’ve been telling myself to make it for almost as long but if there’s 2 things I just don’t do it’s appointments and live online class I dropped out of college too
  • Man this video felt very cathartic to watch right now. Im also currently going through the diagnostic and treatment process for ADHD myself. Its wild to realize just how much it impacts your life